Free resouces to help determine your Broadband Speed

Broadband Speed Test

The whole purpose of is to offer you a wide assortment of utilities to help find your true internet speed. Visitors will find our broadband speed test easy to use while web masters will enjoy the ability to download and use many of these tests on their own site.

Unfortunately, the majority of sites offering a broadband speed test end up throwing you a sales pitch of some type. Many of the sites offering speed tests are owned by Internet Service Providers; The ISP benefits because the customer is located on the same network as the broadband speed test resulting in very fast results (not really a fair assessment).


There are a number of speed tests to choose from, so let me briefly explain each one, then you can decide which broadband speed test you would like to take.

Test Internet Speed

Internet Speed Test

Many claim this is the most accurate broadband speed test on the net, and we like to agree (after all, we put a lot of time and effort into developing it!). This test is an extremely accurate way of measuring your broadband speed. You can learn more about it by visiting the Internet Speed Test page.

Speed Test

This Speed Test is not only popular among our visitors, but it's also popular among website owners who are looking for a way to offer their visitors a speed test; it's a well built speed test with a high level of accuracy.

DSL Speed Test

This DSL speed test is a very easy way to determine DSL, broadband and satellite speed for just about any visitor. It's basically a graphic that is downloaded to your computer which is used to determine the speed of your internet connection.